Jun 30, 2008

Enable inline Code for SharePoint Document Libraries

By default inline Code isn't allowed for ASPX Pages they are not in the 12 Hive's Layout Folder. To enable inline Code for ASPX Pages in a Document Library add the following snippet to the SharePoint's web.config. Place it in the <SharePoint> section between the <SafeMode> {here} <SafeMode> tags.


IncludeSubFolders="true" />


Now inline Code is enabled for the Document Library specified in the VirtualPath attribute.

Be careful with Write-Permissions on that Document Library, could be a security impact!


Amol Gharat said...

hi, can u show this with an example. It will be very helpful.

Christian said...

After enabling inline code you can store aspx pages with inline code in the sharepoint lib. Example: http://www.808.dk/?code-aspnet-inline

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