Jul 24, 2008

Lookup Field with Picker V2.0

Hey SharePoint guys,

I've just published version 2.0 of Lookup Field with Picker.
  • Single- and Multiselection
  • Searching
  • Search Operators (equals, not equals, contains, begins with, greater...)
  • Choose the fields you want to search for
  • Delivered as SharePoint Solution Package

Download it from iLove SharePoint.

p.s. Perhaps is just the last code I've ever published, tomorrow I'll be "Game Over" - I'll marry ;-) The next two weeks I'm in honey moon...



Gary said...


When I create a new field of iLove SharePoint - Lookup with Picker, in "Get information from:" I didn't found out my list of the subsite, why?


Christian said...

Hi Gary, this isn't supported yet. You can pick from parent site in a subsite (site column) but not the reverse way.
bye, Christian

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