Jul 15, 2008

SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols

Microsoft has released a detailed description about SharePoint, named SharePoint Products and Technologies Protocols. The naming is a bit confusing - just have a look - it's worth.

But sometimes differs from the reality. Just for example we'll have a look at the SharePoint's User Group Web Service Specification MS-UGS.

In the specification the response message of the "GetGroupCollectionFromUser" method is defined as:

<s:element name="GetGroupCollectionFromUserResponse">
<s:element name="GetGroupCollectionFromUserResult">
<s:element name="GetGroupCollectionFromUser">
<s:element name="Groups" type="tns:Groups" />

In reality the response of the method's wsdl on the server looks like that:

<s:element name="GetGroupCollectionFromUserResponse">



<s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="GetGroupCollectionFromUserResult">

<s:complexType mixed="true">


<s:any />







In the specification there's a strongly typed element "Groups" and on the real server there's an xs:any element instead.

This is a big difference if you would like to generate a proxy with wsdl.exe or just using it in Infopath as you can see in my article Infopath - Switch View Depending on the Current User's Role.

It's pitty, because the specification is nicer than the reality.

Dear Microsoft, what' the cause?




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