Aug 16, 2008

Back and Forth - Lookup Field with Picker and Lookup

I've added two PowerShell Scripts (ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1,ConvertLookupToLookupFieldWithPicker.ps1) to my Lookup Field with Picker Release. With this scripts you can convert an built-in SharePoint Lookup to my Lookup Field with Picker and the reverse way my Lookup Field with Picker to an built-in Lookup. Means you can extend an already existing solution with my lookup with picker. On the other hand, if you don't like my lookup with picker (hard to believe;-), just convert back to the boring built-in lookup. Maybe useful for an upgrade to Office 14 - who knows?

  • Convert Lookup to Lookup Field with Picker:

PS>& .\ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1 http://[server:port]/site/subsite [ListName] [FieldTitle]

  • Convert Lookup Field with Picker to Lookup

PS>& .\ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1 http://[server:port]/site/subsite [ListName] [FieldTitle]

At the moment the script supports only list fields, no contet type fields. Do you need it? Let me know...




Anonymous said...

I am trying to use your ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1 script. I can't seem to get the syntax correct to make this work. The error I get is:

Unable to index into an object of type Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListCollection.
At D:\ILoveSP\iLoveSharePoint.Fields.LookupFieldWithPicker_2.56\ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1:15 char:20 + $list = $web.Lists[$ <<<< listName];

Do you have an example of the syntax?

Christian said...

Hi, the syntax should be & .\ConvertLookupFieldWithPickerToLookup.ps1 -webUrl "http://localhost/site" -listName "Title of the List" -fieldTitle "Title of the column"

Bye, Christian

Anonymous said...

I am trying to run the script and I am getting the same error message as above (Unable to index into an object of type Microsoft.SharePoint.SPListCollection...".
I am entering the syntax exactly as you have displayed it but I am not sure what the PowerShell line prefix should be; by default: "PS C:\Windows\System32>" before adding & .\Convert....

There is a copy of the PS1 file in System 32 but it gives the indexing error.

Could you let me know where I am going wrong?

Christian said...

Include the listname in quotes and keep care on casing, it's case sensitive.
Bye, Christian

Anonymous said...

Does this support the datasheet mode for bulk edits?

Christian said...

Unfortunately it doesn't support the datasheet view.

AboutDev said...

I keep seeing this error come up

Exception setting "SchemaXml": "Non-supported field type change.
The field cannot be changed to the new type. Please check the new type and try again."
At C:\Documents and Settings\xgrmmart\Desktop\icgpm\deploy\ConvertLookupToLookupFieldWithPicker.ps1:29 char:8
+ $field.S <<<< chemaXml = $schema.PSBase.OuterXml;

No idea why its not working....ran perfectly in the test environment.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

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