Sep 30, 2008

SharePoint PowerWebPart V1.0 Released

I've just released the PowerWebPart V1.0!

Execute PowerShell Script in a WebPart
Just perfect for agile SharePoint Development!

    • Simple HTML Rendering
    • Use ASP.NET and SharePoint Controls
    • Supports WebPart Connections (Row Provider/Consumer, Table Provider/Consumer
    • No compile, no packaging, no deploy, no iisresets
    • Anything PowerShell can do :-)

Documentation and examples coming soon!




Anonymous said...

Hi Chrissi,

greate idea boxed in a simple Webpart :-) With the powershell integration in a webpart, you give us consultants and "non-developers" the possibility to make much more customer wishes come true!

Anonymous said...

Seems a good idea, but there's a strange behavior here:
As a site collection administrator, you have the script (xx rows) line, but when you click on it, nothing happens and you cannot edit the script whereas editing a paremeter launches the script editor.
What are the full required rights besides site collection administrator to edit a script?

Christian said...

Try PowerWebPart 2.0 CTP.
You have to modify the web.config (see readme.txt).
Bye, Christian

Anonymous said...

the lines in the web.config were added !
And the same behavior occurs whenever you use v1.0 or v2.0

BTW, the deploy.bat fails if launched from an UNC path.

Christian said...


that's weird. We use the PowerWebPart 2.0 in some projects and haven't got any problem. You only need to be site admin, other user will not see the script link.
Popup blocker seems to be unlikely because the other popups work. What's yor environment? Language?
I'll have a look at this...
Bye, Christian

Anonymous said...

I tested on 2 different servers:
Win2003 SP2 32-bit US,
SQL2008 back-end
Kerberos Authentication
And I even rebooted the servers!

Christian said...


could you please send me a screenshot. If this doesn't help to solve the problem, we could a have Live Meeting. What's your GMT? I live in Germany GMT+1.
My mail address:

Bye, Christian

Christian said...


got it! Was a little html bug. You don't have this issue with IE7. I'll upload a new version in the next days (PowerWebPart 2.0 CTP2)
Bye, Christian

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