Sep 29, 2008


I've added a new function to my PowerShell Script Profile called Select-SPListItem.  Usually you have to select the SPListItem's columns via the indexer like $item['Title']. This approach doesn't work great with built in cmdlets like select-object, group-object, sort-object, nor with tools like PowerGadgets (out-chart :-). The idea was to built a function similar to select-object, see below. Yo can use it like this:

$list.Items | Select-SPListItem Title, TaskStatus | group-by TaskStatus


Another way to work more elegant with SPListItems is using the SPListItemCollection.GetDataTable() method.

$list.Items.GetDataTable() | group-by TaskStatus

The downside of this approach could be that it allocates more memory, usually that doesn't matter. I've found this approach on Jesper M. Christensen's blog - thanks.


Anonymous said...

Is it group-by or Group-Object?

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