Sep 23, 2008

SOON: PowerWebPart

Hey PowerGuys, actually I'm working on the PowerWebPart and maybe I'll release it this week.


  • Simple HTML Rendering
  • Using ASP.NET and SharePoint Controls
  • Receive ASP.NET Events
  • Runas Current User or Application Pool User
  • Parameters
  • Saving the WebPart as Template and reuse it
  • Security: Only Site Administrators can change the script, other users can only change the parameters
  • WebPart Connections: Table-Provider, Table Consumer, Row Provider, Row Consumer
  • Everything PowerShell can do!


  • Simple HTML-Rendering (get-process)




  • Dynamic ASP.NET Controls + Event Receiving

  • Use SharePoint Controls and Objects and Parameters


Use a parameter for the list title



Any suggestions?


Jesper M. Christensen said...

The webpart seems really cool - I am looking forward to try it :)

Really great idea, could you send me your e-mail sometime Christian?
Thanks for great material

Freddie David said...

Being new to ASP.NET I don't think this is my cup of tea but still something fruitful to learn that I can apply in future to ASP.NET.

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