Oct 7, 2009

My Impressions from the Azure World Tour 2009

I’m just travelling home from the Azure Worldtour in Munich. I really was the only guy who worn a shirt! But…

Steve Ballmer and Me

…this mustn’t necessarily be something bad.

Seems Steve loves SharePoint too :-)

Back to Azure: I really like the cloud strategy from Microsoft, the .NET Services, .NET Service Bus and SQL Services and all the Azure stuff. Gartner says the market will grow from $46 billion to $150 billion in 2013. And one is “azure” Microsoft want to have a big chunk of the cake! And they are on a good way…

There is one thing frightening me when I think of cloud computing. When in the near future almost anybody would make use of cloud computing and there are only a few data centers around the world, they would obviously be a good target for terrorism. A destroyed data center could seriously harm the global economy.

Will this be Terrorism 2.0?! 

One of the base ideas of the Internet, the ARPANET was to create a distributed network which will survive an nuclear attack (semi-myth). What would be in case of a war, maybe between the USA and Europe? Would Microsoft sill provide their cloud services? Would this really be a risk? Maybe this wouldn’t matter in case of a nuclear war anymore. But luckily we have freedom and are friends (see pic above:), so I stop this “mindmare” here.

Additionally cloud computing always remembers me at Skynet in Terminator, iRobot and Matrix – great movies :-)


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