Oct 1, 2009

Using the SharePoint Object Model with IronPython

Same with IronPython, download IronPython and go!
# import CLR
import clr

# add a reference to the SharePoint assembly

# import all types from the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace
from Microsoft.SharePoint import *

# instantiate SPSite at http://localhost/mysite
site = SPSite("http://localhost/mysite")

# open the web
web = site.OpenWeb()

# set the title of the web - just trivial example
web.Title = "Greetings from IronPython"

# persist changes to content DB

# clean up

# the end



Making J£$US Proud :-) said...

Hi Christian
Is this the same with Sharepoint 2010? Can you access it using IronPython. I get an error at SPSite('http://nameofsite')
Thank you

Christian said...

SharePoint 2010 does ony support .NET 3.5 means you have to install IronPython for .NET 2.0 :-( Use the x64 python console.

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