Mar 1, 2010

Manage ASP.NET Providers with PowerShell

I’ve written this script to manage SQL users on a SharePoint box with form based security (FBA).


Load the script
PS>. .\Manage_ASP_NET_Providers.ps1  “C:\..\web.config”

You have to provide the path to the web.config which contains the membership provider configurations.

The script will change the current app domain’s config path and then loads the System.Web Assembly. The sequence is important. If you want to change app config path later, you have to restart PowerShell and load the script again with another path.


Get Membership Provider “sqlMembers”
PS> $provider = Get-MembershipProvider  “sqlMembers”

Add a new user (login, mail, question, answer)
PS> $provider | Add-MembershipUser “cglessner” “” “Best Portal” “SharePoint”

List first 1000 users
PS> $provider | Get-MembershipUser –maxResult 1000



Bye, Christian


ArbutusJoe said...


I'm trying to use your PowerShell script (thanks for putting it together BTW.)

However, when I run it against a web.config file that I know is configured properly for a SharePoint web app that's using SqlMembershipProvider for FBA, I get "Unable to connect to SQL Server database". I know that the data connection is valid because FBA is otherwise working.

I think that it's finding an inherited provider, but not the configured provider.

Any hints?


ArbutusJoe said...

Followup to my previous query: it appears that the script can't find my provider by name. If I don't supply a name, it finds one called "AspNetSqlMembershipProvider"

Christian said...

Hi, it seems the script will fallback to the machine config. To read the web.config settings I switch the config file of the app domain. This just works if Shell hasn't read any config value before. Please check that you use the script in a fresh shell instance without any snapins that you don't need.
Bye, Christian

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Anonymous said...

Hello Christian,

I am facing same issue which rblitz has faced. My custom membership providers are not appearing in list.

What might be issue.

Can you plz help me out to resolve it.

Thanks Christian.

Anonymous said...

Same issue like the one of Suhil and rblitz.
And idea ?

Unknown said...

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Jameson Bozeman said...

After battling with getting my membership provider because the script didn't load my config path (resulting in "unable to connect to SQL Server database"). I found that once I ran this script from Windows Powershell (the blue one) everything worked. There must be some snapins in the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell that load other configs before the script can.

digital signature FAQ said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to share this information. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

Chris said...

Regarding the "Unable to connect to SQL Server database" problem, this is because just changing the config file of current appdomain is not enough due to caching mechanisms in .NET -> you also need to "reset" the cache to force it to reload and take into account your new config file (more explanation here). You can do this in Powershell by using the following code (with help from here):

[System.AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.SetData("APP_CONFIG_FILE", $appConfigPath )

$BindingFlags= [Reflection.BindingFlags] "NonPublic,Static"

$PrivateField = [System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager].GetField("s_initState",$bindingFlags)
$PrivateField.SetValue($null, "NotStarted" -as [Int])

$PrivateField = [System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager].GetField("s_configSystem",$bindingFlags)
$PrivateField.SetValue($null, $null)

$c = [System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager].Assembly.GetTypes() | Where-Object {$_.FullName -eq "System.Configuration.ClientConfigPaths"}
$PrivateField = $c.GetField("s_current",$bindingFlags)
$PrivateField.SetValue($null, $null)

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Russell Wright said...

I also appreciate the work Christian has done, but am also facing the issues others have reported. I'm using the Windows PowerShell ISE and have been struggling with this all day. I finally made changes in the machine.config so it has the values I've been trying to read in the web.config to get it to work. I've now proved it will work, but I'm baffled as to why [System.AppDomain]::CurrentDomain.SetData("APP_CONFIG_FILE", $appConfigPath ) will not read the Membership Provider data in the always falls back to the machine.config.

I guess I'll try it in the "non-ISE" environment to see if I get different results. I might also try what Chris recommended and try and reset the cache. Ugh!

Chris said...

Hi Russell,

I did have several problems also but forcing the cache to reload solved all these problems, give it a try !

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