Jun 15, 2010

“Unsocial” - FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

I’ve just noticed that FAST Search is not able to crawl social tags. Social tags are tags created with the Tags & Note board. Social tags are different from Enterprise Keywords (managed tags). Enterprise Keywords will be persisted with the list item itself in the Content DB and social tags will be persisted in the Profile DB. Though FAST Search is able to crawl managed tags pretty well, it doesn't support social tags at the moment. In turn the SharePoint Server OOB Search supports both. This a feature restriction of FAST Search. Microsoft’s edition comparison sheet suggests that there is only a plus, but this isn’t the truth for any particular case. I really miss the social tag crawling in FAST Search. Social tagging in combination with a great search like FAST would be a huge benefit for companies. Now I’ve three options:
  1. Use the OOB Search and miss all the great FAST Search features
  2. Use FAST and miss the social tag crawling and refinement
  3. Wait for third party tools…
FAST Search for “I like it”:
OOB Search for “I like it”:

There isn’t always a plus - that’s life!


iHeartDucks said...

I don't see any tags in my OOB search result. Any ideas? Do I need to change a setting? I did a full crawl after tagging couple of pages.

Christian said...

Hi, you need not to do any special configuration. Wich kind of tags you mean? there's a difference between social tags (stored in the user profile) and shell tags (stored at the item itself). Bye Christian

Anonymous said...

Hi Christian, did you found any workaround or 3rd party tool to get social tags and FAST working together?

Regards Michael

SharePoint Talk said...

hi all, not really a solution ore a nice way to solve the problem, but here is a way to bring just a very little bit of light in the social dark...: http://nbsharepointtalk.blogspot.com/2011/08/little-bit-more-social-fast-search.html

Conn said...

Ping back to my post on stackoverflow.


Slurby said...

Do you have any good references on the differences between Enterprise Keywords and Social Tags (more info than is provided in this article)?