Nov 14, 2010

My Impressions from TechEd Europe 2010

Unfortunately I haven’t seen much sessions. On the one hand I’ve worked at the SharePoint TLC booth and on the other I’ve missed some sessions cause of interesting discussions with other geeks and partners. Some sessions I’ve seen was great, others wasn't. Especially I don’t like the boring, visionless TechEd keynotes. But the magic of the TechEd aren’t merely the sessions, but rather the all the people from different nations. It has been amazing to meet in person all the geeks from Europe – many soul mates :)

SharePinting at TechEd Europe 2010

If you think there’s an typo in the title, read this first: SharePoint by day, SharePint at night.

For sure we’ve organized a SharePint and I was responsible for choosing the location. I had picked out the PURO - an amazing sky lounge. But unfortunately the PURO didn’t let all the techies in – #FAIL!
No problem for the agile SharePoint geeks. Andrew Woodword just opened a second SharePint – the underground SharePint - at the Irish Pub. So we have had two simultaneous SharePints at one building, one at the 20th floor and one at the basement. In addition the two SharePints had been very different. Seems different styles of SharePints are emerging…

Top of the Roof SharePinting
Meanwhile at the basement - Underground SharePinting

Thanks for the great week to: @mysharepoint, @tlanni, @andrewwoody, @katko, @mosslive, @robinmeure, @danmc, @markvlunenburg, @rubykon, @draken, @jefffried, @atwork, Sven Maier, Patrick Heyde, AvePoint


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