Feb 19, 2011

Create Site Action (Advanced SharePoint Designer 2010 Workflow Actions)

The first action I would like to introduce is the “Create a Site” workflow action. With this action you can create SharePoint sites via SharePoint Designer Workflows. The action and the source can be downloaded here.

Add the “Create a Site” action to a SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflow



URL: The url of the web site. You could either use an relative url to create the site direct under the current site or an absolute url to create the site under any site. The workflow initiator needs appropriate permissions. Or you can use an impersonation step to run the action under the permissions of the workflow author.
Title: Title of the site
Description: Description of the site
Template: Template name of the new site. Default is Team Site (STS#0).
You can get a list of all farm templates with the PowerShell command “Get-SPWebTemplates”.
To get a list of templates from a specific site’s template catalog use the following PowerShell command:
Get-SPWeb http://contoso/sites/spd | %{$_.GetAvailableWebTemplates($_.Language)}
Use the name of the template e.g. WIKI#0
Language Code: The language code for the new site e.g. 1033 for English or 1031 for German. 0 means inherit the language from the parent site.
Inherit Permission: Inherit permissions from the parent site.
Inherit Top Navigation: Use the  same top navigation as the parent site.
Output: Returns the absolute url of the new site


Publish and run the workflow…

Wiki Documentaion


Anders said...

Just what i needed, tnx alot. The entire solution is awesome. Tried to make my own "Create Site from template" workflow in VS 2010, but im not a decent programmer and I failed hehe. You are using a Activity Library? Sry if its a stupid qusetion, but im very intersting learning how its done, still on uni and I have a project about SP2010.

Christian said...

Anders, sorry I'm a little bit late. Active Library? No, just take a look in the my source code that is available on CodePlex.
Bye, Christian

محمّد سددقالی . سوفٹوارے ڈولوپر said...

Hi ,
I have been looking for this to complete my task form last couple of days .Then Yesterday i did in visual studio.This i install for all web-applications in sharepoint and it's awesome.Request you to mail me to mdsiddiqali@hotmail.com .I want to know more about this kind of wsp files .Hope you respond to me.
Quality Communication Provides
Quality Work.
Mohammad Siddiqali.

Michele said...

Thanks for the feature... this is exactly what I was looking for. I'm having an issue though. I had no problems installing the feature and activating it. The issue I'm having is after creating a workflow that uses the "create site" action, I receive no error, the workflow says it completed but the site is never created. Where are the errors logged so I can see what is going on? Thanks!

Christian said...

@michele: Wasn't able to repdoduce the issue. You should find the error in the error variable of the action and in the SharePoint ULS Log.

Stefan said...

Does this cater for using ports? My site didn't want to create so I checked the error output and it said : is an illegal character.

Is there a workaround for this?

Anonymous said...

I am using a custom template and this is what appears in the Name field when listing the templates:

What exactly should be placed in the template field. I tried the whole thing and that fails. Greg

Anonymous said...

This is great. I was doing this as an application page before seeing your example. Just wondering, after the workflow completes, how would I have the workflow navigate to the new provisioned URL?


Anonymous said...

Does this work in Office 365 also?

Christian said...

Because this is not a sandboxed solution it will nor work in SharePoint Online. But I may develop a sanboxed version next week...

Bye, Christian

lovesharepoint said...

Hi Christian can you post me the steps. how to create site on the workflow completed event

Anonymous said...

Tried everything... but no sites gets created...

I am using a custom template and this is what appears in the Name field when listing the templates:

even tried with the default STS#0 template

What exactly should be placed in the template field?

I tried every thing but it fails....

The powershell command update Sharepoint designer command failed with the identifier switch not found - could this be the cause ?

Jeroen said...

do you already have a sandboxed version available?

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
If you have custom template and want to create site using I love SP,
specify template as {guid}#siteTemplatename

you need to get the guid of the template from using the following powershell script,
Get-SPWeb http://sps2010:007/Codeplex | %{$_.GetAvailableWebTemplates($_.Language)} | fl *

Custom list will appear at the end of the result...

If you properly check this GUID it is different than that which you see in solution gallery..

Gokul Kumar said...


I am very new to sharepoint and designer. I found this very interesting. all I need to do is to create a new site whenever I add a new item to my list. so included the create site action under impersonation step. My workflow status is 'In progress' after I add a line item. Please help

Anonymous said...

Does this work with SharePoint 2013? I do not have the SharePoint 2013 workflow items turned on yet and still running SharePoint 2010 workflows... but when I installed this it never showed up in SPD 2013. So is there a way to get this to work?

electronic signature said...

Excellent! Thanks for this - I've been looking at this feature for ages. Followed your instructions and it works a treat!

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