Jun 1, 2011

Lookup Field With Picker 2010

I’m glad to announce the new release of Lookup Field with Picker. Lookup Field with Picker allows you to select list items from a lookup list via a searchable and configurable picker dialog.


  • NEW Cross site picking
  • Single- and multi-Selection Mode
  • Search in picker dialog
  • Search Operators: equals, not equal, contains, begins with, greater than, greater or equal than, less than, less or equal than.
  • Select fields you would like to search for.
  • Relationship behaviors
  • Supports default values (constants, current user id and default values by url param, useful for 1-n scenarios) must be configured via PowerShell
  • Languages: English, German
  • Delivered as SharePoint Solution Package (WSP)

Not supported

  • Document Information Panel
  • Data Sheet Views


  • SharePoint Foundation 2010


Install Lookup Field with Picker with the following commands within the SharePoint Management Shell:

  • Add-SPSolution "C:\Install\iLoveSharePoint.Fields.LookupFieldWithPicker.wsp"
  • Install-SPSolution ilovesharepoint.fields.lookupfieldwithpicker.wsp -WebApplication http://myserver –GACDeployment


Add Lookup Field with Picker

You can add a Lookup Field with Picker column either to a list or a content type.


Configure Lookup Field with Picker

Select the source site, list and column of the lookup.


Select the columns that you want to use for search in picker dialog.


Select the additional columns that you want to show in the target list.


Choose whether multiple values are allowed or not and what should be happen when the picked item is being deleted. The relationship behaviors “restrict delete” and “cascade delete” are only supported for the single lookup mode (Known Issue: When you choose multiple values and select any other relationship behavior than “none” an exception will be thrown).


Pick Items

Open the picker dialog (or enter a value and resolve the entity with the first button)


Find a and select item(s) within the picker dialog.





Tony said...

Help Me! I has a LookupFieldWithPicker 2.56 From List B in the List A, I develop a sharepoint designer workflow for List A add item, and update List B that Item. But I can't do that, system throw error save "Can't find the List Item". Any body know how to do that ? Help , my email tonyjun1980@gmail.com

Tony said...

Help Me! I has a LookupFieldWithPicker 2.56 From List B in the List A, I develop a sharepoint designer workflow for List A add item, and update List B that Item. But I can't do that, system throw error save "Can't find the List Item". Any body know how to do that ? Help , my email tonyjun1980@gmail.com

Bernhard said...

Is it possible to update from last version of "Lookup Field With Picker 2010" ?

Bernhard said...

did it:
Update-SPSolution -Identity iLoveSharePoint.Fields.LookupFieldWithPicker.wsp -LiteralPath E:\Install\iLoveSharePoint.Fields.LookupFieldWithPicker.wsp -gac

Anonymous said...

How can i add this picker to a custom Content Type? I have a ListTemplate which derives from a Content Type with some columns in it. And when a site is created, the list is automatically created. But how can i add the picker-field to be in the list upon creation? Can i do this via the schema.xml, or do i have to do it via the code-behind in some way?

Junior Scrutinizer said...

This is a great tool, thanks for making it!
Is it possible to add to the fields that the lookup brings along? I want to be able to search by Document ID and then also display the name of the file,not the title.

Anonymous said...

Hi, how i can install Lookup Field with Picker 2010 in Office 365.
Is this possible?

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi, is it possible to use the lookup field with picker across site collections? I need to access data in a list in one site collection in other site collections.

(We're on Foundation)


Anonymous said...

Thank'you, it works very weel !

Henk said...

If I have integrated the solution and I add a new column in a table like the type of lookup with picker and choose I get an error. Does anyone know this problem?

best regards


Anonymous said...

The picker is awesome! We are using it to search for a customers account name/number. We have run into one challenge in that if you just type the account number and hit the resolve button it will resolve to table position, not the account number. For Example if you have a customer number 250, it will resolve this to the 250th position in the table. Any ideas?

Neeraj Agarwal said...

It's awesome to use sharepoint lookup field with picker but the problem is that when we try to access the list items on the basis of 'lookup field with picker' fields value using CAML query than it requires to define the the field type in CAML query.
so can anyone please tell me what type we will use in CAML query for this field,
Thanks in advance.

Christian said...

Lookup Field with Picker inhertis from the OOB Lookup. Means the field type for CAML is 'Lookup'.

Le Cuong said...

Hi all

I meet Problem with Deploy "Lookup Field With Picker 2010"

When I create a column of list and choose type of coumn is "Lookup with Picker", occur error of url:.../_layouts/FldNewEx.aspx?List={080E90B8-B20F-4C58-826B-8DA3D51938C0}&FieldTypeParam=LookupFieldWithPicker&DisplayNameParam=đ&DescriptionParam=&VldFormulaParam=&VldMessageParam=

Please Can you help me

infopath signature said...

Thanks a lot for explaining this concept in detail. You do have mentioned all the points and how to create a feature in SharePoint in order to deploy pages.

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