Apr 23, 2012

Recap ShareCamp 2012

Last weekend we had our third ShareCamp. For those who don’t know the ShareCamp. The ShareCamp is a BarCamp  all around SharePoint. It is community driven, free of charge for the attendees and gets powered by the sponsors. In difference to classic conferences or to a SharePoint Saturdays there is no content board and no fixed agenda. The participants are the speakers and the content board in one person. In the morning every  participant writes his session on a card and has about one minute to introduce his topic. The other participants vote through raising their hands. The room gets assigned according to the number of votes. Every year I’m very impressed from the creativity, energy and topics from the participants!

 Some facts:

  • 2 days (weekend)
  • Location: Headquarter of Microsoft Germany in Munich
  • ~200 attendees (booked out!)
  • 55 sessions (held by the participants)
  • Perfect geek food (Spaghetti and Pizza)
  • Welcome Party (SharePint)
  • A lot of fun :D

Some impressions:

Thanks to all the participants and sponsors!